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Ishkhara Lady maintained her unbeaten record with a nail-biting dead heat with Elle Est Belle in the the gathering gloom at Cheltenham late on Saturday afternoon.
It took such a long time to call the result that both jockeys had weighed in before the result was announced.
Initially we were thrilled to share the prize in the Listed bumper that closed the card but I’ve since been contacted by the Racing Post and several others suggesting that the photo showed Ishkhara Lady to be the outright winner.
Frankly it was so dark it can’t have been easy for the judge to decide the outcome from the images at his disposal.
I could barely see the runners coming past the stands in the pouring rain on the first circuit as they flashed by, let alone second time round.
For Ishkhara Lady to be winning at Cheltenham is quite something when you consider that her career was in the balance after she slipped the tendon off her hock twelve months ago.It happened 72 hours before she was due to contest the very race in which she dead heated on Saturday.
There was a very real chance that she would never be able to fulfil her potential and it is greatly to the credit of the three couples who own her that they were prepared to give her all the time in the world to make a full recovery.
As they said on Saturday dreams can come true. The heavy rain that fell before the race was all in the favour of Ishkhara Lady and hopefully we can keep her in one piece now because it is clear that she has a serious engine.
Picture: Cheltenham Racecourse
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