Higher Crockermoor is a beautiful 100-acre farm in the heart of Dorset, featuring 80 light, and well-ventilated stables, two all-purpose gallops, state of the art schooling facilities, and 50 acres of pasture for turnout.

Completed in 2020, it is arguably one of the best modern training facilities in the country. Harry Fry Racing takes enormous pride in tailoring and devising training programmes to suit each individual horse and to support this there is no better place than Higher Crockermoor.

Beyond top-class equine care, a new Owners Room, caters for a wonderful experience adding to the excitement of owning a horse, while a spacious staff complex hard working and professional members of the team with a comfortable environment.

Harry Fry – A day in the Life

A day in the life of Harry & Ciara Fry with first hand, behind-the-scenes access to their all-purpose training facility near Dorchester.



Harry Fry – A day in the Life

A day in the life of Harry & Ciara Fry with first hand, behind-the-scenes access to their all-purpose training facility near Dorchester.





With 80 spacious, light, and well-ventilated stables constructed across three modern barns, it makes the perfect relaxed environment for horses.

Importantly, the setup is incredibly functional and easy to maintain, which is key to monitoring the welfare and health of horses. Adjoining is the large feed room, hay barn, wash down bays and tack room.


The most important tool of any trainer is the gallop, designed with the world’s latest GPS technology our newly laid four-and-a-half-furlong all-weather gallop is as good as it gets. Set amid the rolling hills of the charming Dorset countryside, the Martin Collins Gel-Track is designed to be highly durable and suit the modern demands of racehorse training, the gallop steadily inclines rising 200ft from bottom to top, a genuine test of stamina for all our horses.

To compliment this, a two-furlong oval gallop adds flexibility to training programmes at Higher Crockermoor. Laid with Severn Sand, the track is stable and supportive; it’s ideal for young horses or those that require a steadier regime as it gives the chance to build their core, doubling up as a warmup area before horses head out to the main gallop.


The schooling facilities at Higher Crockermoor are spearheaded by a 60m x 30m wax and fibresand school. Indispensable, it’s an excellent facility for working horses on the flat, which helps with balance and muscle strengthening. In addition, it’s a safe area to educate young horses, and also provides an optimal space for schooling over obstacles whether it’s poles, show jumps, or EasyFix brush fences.

Grass schooling facilities consist of three fences including an open ditch, there is also the option of five smaller regulation brush hurdles. Using fences at home is big part of a horse’s education ahead of running in a race, it helps build confidence and establish a rhythm.


Two automatic, covered exercisers can accommodate 6 horses each and are used to supplement training. Suited to help individuals that require extra exercise in order to achieve peak fitness or aid the rehabilitation process when starting back in work, they are fundamental to the training operation.


Key to the ethos of Harry Fry Racing is happy, healthy horses. With 50 acres of paddocks, the farm is perfect for resting horses or for those who benefit from enjoying their natural outdoor habitat. Horses are turned out on a regular basis and with alternative fields across the complex, they benefit from the luxury of being able to do this all year round.


Higher Crockermoor prides itself in looking after its loyal and dedicated owners with the very best hospitality. Panoramic views mean owners can enjoy the resplendent scenes in comfort, windows on one side look into the barns, whilst on the other, they feature the schooling arena and gallops.

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