There are many ways in which you can get involved in racehorse ownership, sharing the thrills and excitement of the sport. Owning a horse with Harry Fry Racing doesn’t have to be expensive with a range of options available from Sole Ownership and Co-Ownership, to Racing Clubs and Syndicates.

There are distinct advantages to each which are explored below. With a new yard, facilities and wonderful hospitality both on and off the racecourse there is no better time to get involved.


As a sole owner at Harry Fry Racing, you will be able enjoy all the benefits. From designing your own bespoke colours to selecting your horses name if your horse is a yearling. You will be responsible for the purchase price, training costs and racing fees but most importantly you will have access to all the owners’ share of the prize money.

At Harry Fry Racing, we take great pride in giving our owners the very best personal experience, this begins from the moment a horse is purchased. Once in training, Harry & Ciara are always available to discuss with you how your horse is progressing, providing brilliant communication and regular updates.


A great way to enjoy the fun of owning a racehorse while sharing the cost. It has become an increasingly popular way for more than one person to be involved, groups could include friends, family and/or work colleagues.

Over the years we have enjoyed notable success with the likes of Air Horse One, Lightly Squeeze, and Voix D’Eau. Below are three different co-ownership options that can be explored.


For companies and studs who own a horse under the name of a company or business. Companies can own horses outright or within a Partnership or Syndicate. This can be a great way of marketing your company and the horse(s) can also be sponsored by the company as a way of advertising.


For two or more people who want to share the ownership of one or more horses, and where all members of the Partnership are registered owners. Partnerships allow owners to define the percentage of each horse they own and split costs and winnings in accordance with ownership share.


Leasing a racehorse involves ownership of a racehorse for a set period of time, possibly for just one race or for the horse’s entire racing career. Depending on the agreement between the lessor and the lessee the costs involved are only those which are incurred through the lease period.


Racing Clubs are a good way of dipping your toe in to the water. There are several different Clubs at varying entry prices allowing people to pay a subscription to experience racehorse ownership.

A Racing Club is managed and administered by the Club manager(s) and it is the Club itself, as opposed to its members, that owns the horse(s). Members pay a fee to be part of club and to enjoy some of the benefits of racehorse ownership.

Harry Fry Racing has a wonderful track record with Racing Clubs. Most memorably with Unowhatimeanharry whose rise to Grade 1 glory in the Albert Bartlett Novices’ Hurdle at the Cheltenham Festival saw many in the Harry Fry Racing Club taste glory in the highest echelons of the sport.


Whether you are an experienced owner, or totally new to racing, why not contact us for more information and come and see us at our base in Dorset.

As Harry & Ciara regularly visit the sales to purchase horses, they often have horses available for inspection or spaces in Racing Clubs that provide the very best experience. Regularly in touch with leading contacts in the industry, they can help match you with your perfect horse.

For more information on ownership options, please don’t hesitate to contact Harry and Ciara at

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